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Figure 5

From: Advantages of gadolinium based ultrasmall nanoparticles vs molecular gadolinium chelates for radiotherapy guided by MRI for glioma treatment

Figure 5

Survival curves of 9LGS bearing rats without treatment (black curve, n = 9 rats), only treated by MRT (red curve, n = 15 rats), and treated by MRT 20 min after an injection of 1 M (56 μL) of DOTAREM® (blue curve, n = 8 rats), a unique injection of 40 mM (1.4 mL) of DOTAREM® (green curve, n = 8 rats) or AGuIX (pink curve, n = 8 rats), 10 days after tumor implantation. The MRT irradiation was done in cross-fired mode, using 50 μm wide micro-beams, with a spacing of 200 μm between the beams. The skin entrance dose was set at 400 Gy for the peak and 20 Gy for the valley.

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