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Fig. 3

From: Application of nanotechnology to cancer radiotherapy

Fig. 3

3D reconstruction based on CT images of canine patient with injected nanogel. Nanogel composed of SAIB/EtOH/PLA (75:20:5) + 30 mg PNIPAM-coated AuNPs mL − 1 administered intratumorally into a canine suffering from an intermediate-grade subcutaneous mast cell tumor (maximum distance (x × y × z); 1.82 × 5.81 × 5.32 cm3, CT volume; 31.64 cm3) adherent to the underlying soft tissue located over the dorsal aspect of the left shoulder blade. a Full-body scan of the canine. Area of interest indicated with a red box. bd Nanogel visualized from different angles (Jolck et al. 2015)

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