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Fig. 4

From: Cisplatin-loaded hollow gold nanoparticles for laser-triggered release

Fig. 4

Proposed modes of Pt(II) release from Ac-EEC(Pt)-HGNPs. a Schematic illustrations of Pt(II) release modes. In release mode 1, Pt(II) complexed to Ac-EEC attached to HGNPs dissociates, accompanied by sustained release of Pt via an inverse ligand exchange reaction from Glu carboxylates to the chloride ions in physiological saline solution. In release mode 2, rapid release of Pt-complexed to Ac-EEC is triggered by NIR laser irradiation through cleavage of Au–S bonds. The compound Ac-EECya(Pt) detaches from the Au surface as the Cys is oxidized to cysteic acid (Cya). b Mass spectrum of Ac-EECya-Pt(II) released from HGNPs upon NIR laser irradiation. LC–MS analysis of the released Ac-EECya-Pt was done with ESI positive ion mode. The isotopic [M + H]+ peaks and the corresponding abundance match those of calculated values for Ac-EECya-Pt

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