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Fig. 1

From: The role of shock waves on the biodamage induced by ion beam radiation

Fig. 1

(Figure adapted from de Vera et al. (2017b), with kind permission of The European Physical Journal D)

Radial doses produced in liquid water by a 200-keV/nucleon and b 2-MeV/nucleon carbon ions. While thin lines represent the time evolution of radial dose produced by low energy electrons calculated using the diffusion equations, the thick lines depict radial doses at the end of the track-structure including the \(\delta\)-electrons contribution. Symbols correspond to Monte Carlo simulations results (Waligórski et al. 1986; Liamsuwan and Nikjoo 2013; Incerti 2014). The associated radial pressure profiles and OH radical densities produced by \(\sim\) 0.1 ps are shown on the right axis (see the text for details)

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