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Fig. 2

From: Effects and side effects of plasmonic photothermal therapy in brain tissue

Fig. 2

Plasmonic photothermal heating of artificial tissue. a Temperature change, \(\Delta T\), versus time for different AuNS densities (see legends) and a control with pure agarose (light gray). The laser power, P, is 1.5 W. The 806-nm laser irradiation (ON) and without (OFF). The vertical black punctuated line signifies the instance where the laser is turned off and the full black lines are fits of Eqs. (1) and (2) to data. b Steady-state temperature, \(\Delta T_\text {ss}\), versus laser power, P, for AgNP (blue) and AuNS (red) suspensions in agarose and a control with pure agarose (gray). The particle density is 5.6 \(\upmu\)g/ml

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