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Fig. 4

From: Effects and side effects of plasmonic photothermal therapy in brain tissue

Fig. 4

Plasmonic photothermal heating of brain tissue. Box plot of the steady-state temperature, \(\Delta T_\text {ss}\), during laser irradiation (\(P=1\) W) of homogenized cerebral tissue injected with 5.8 \(\upmu\)g/ml AuNSs (+AuNSs) or AgNP (+AgNP). This was compared to a control injected with saline solution (+PBS). a Brain stem tissue with both AuNS (+AuNS, \(N=4\)) and AgNP (+AgNP, \(N=4\)) heats significantly more than the control (+PBS, \(N=9\)) with \(p = 0.003\) and \(p = 0.011\), respectively. b Cerebrum with AuNSs (+AuNS, \(p = 0.002\), \(N=4\)) and AgNPs (+AgNP, \(p = 0.046\), \(N=5\)) and the control (+PBS, \(N = 10\)). c Cerebellum with AuNSs (+AuNS, \(p = 0.004\), \(N = 4\)) and AgNPs (+AgNP, \(p = 0.002\), \(N = 5\)) and the control (+PBS, \(N = 10\))

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