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Table 10 Toxicity of the clinical trials to paclitaxel

From: Nanomedicine review: clinical developments in liposomal applications

Grade 3–5 (%)
Wang and Zhang (2014)NSCLCL-PTX + carboplatin 13 57     
Lu et al. (2015)NSCLCL-PTX + gemcitabine + carboplatin1442 242  
Ahn et al. (2014)NSCLCGenexol-PM + gemcitabine16    3  7
Ignatiadis et al. (2016)BCEndoTAG-1 + paclitaxel + fluorouracil + epirubicin + cyclophosphamide7        
Awada et al. (2014)TNBCEndoTAG-1 + paclitaxel222 7  226
EndoTAG-15  2 2 45
Lu et al. (2016)AGCL-PTX + capecitabine 2.9 17.6     
Xu et al. (2013)MGCLipusu® 3 73 3  
Haas et al. (2012)APCEndoTAG-1 + gemcitabine12 810  2  
1641612   6 
22814106 48 
Graziani et al. (2017)bEOCPTX–LCN         
Strieth et al. (2013)cHNCEndoTAG-1         
Slingerland et al. (2017)dACLEP-ETU17  3     
  1. In the blanks, this type of toxicity is not reported
  2. LF liposomal formulation, n number of patients, LPTX liposomal paclitaxel, PTX–LCN paclitaxel lipid core nanoparticle, PTX paclitaxel, Gem gemcitabine, LEP-ETU paclitaxel liposomal, BC breast cancer, TNBC triple-negative breast cancer, AGC atypical glandular cells, MGC metastatic gastric cancer, PC pancreatic cancer, EOC epithelial ovarian carcinoma, HNC head and neck cancer, AC advance cancer, NSCLC non-small-cell lung carcinoma, N neutropenia, A anemia, T thrombocytopenia, L leukopenia, Na nauseas, D diarrhea, V vomiting, P pneumonia, Ast asthenia
  3. aToxicity was rounded
  4. bNo grade > 3 even grade < 2 toxicity was found
  5. cNo grade > 3 toxicity or severe adverse events occurred
  6. dNo results have been proportionated