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Table 3 Evaluation of liposomal bupivacaine (LB) effect on pain scores and narcotic consumption

From: Nanomedicine review: clinical developments in liposomal applications

ReferencesYearsSurgerynEfficacy at POD 1
VAS scoreNRS scorePOTO (mg)
Yeung et al. (2018)2018Robotic sacrocolpopexy with posterior repair332827.2a
Mazloomdoost et al. (2017)2017Retropubic sling placement548.25213.56
Davidovitch et al. (2017)2017Operative fixation of ankle fracture37653.4
Johnson et al. (2017)2017Total hip arthroplasty543.526.3
McGraw-Tatum et al. (2017)2017Total hip arthroplasty40107.5d60.6
Sabesan et al. (2017)2017Shoulder arthroplasty3441b2.678.6
Abildgaard et al. (2017)2017Shoulder arthroplasty3740.9a103.11
Namdari et al. (2017)2017Shoulder arthroplasty7839e14.4
Amundson et al. (2017)2017Total knee arthroplasty523.745
DeClaire et al. (2017)2017Total knee arthroplasty4744.4b97.7
Smith et al. (2017)2017Total knee arthroplasty10440c10.9
Alijanipour et al. (2016)2016Total knee arthroplasty592671.20
Barron et al. (2016)2016Laparoscopic hysterectomy322.79360
  1. n number of patients, POD postoperative day, VAS visual analogue scale pain score in POD 3 (0–100 range, 0 = “no pain” and 100 = “worst pain”), NRS numerical rating scale pain score in POD 3 (0–10 range, 0 = “no pain” and 10 = “worst pain”), POTO postoperative total opiates consumption
  2. aMedian consumption of opiates for POD 1–3
  3. bAt POD 2
  4. cAverage on POD 0 through 3
  5. dObtained by integrating serial pain assessments over the entire time interval
  6. eAt POD 1