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Table 8 Toxicity of the clinical trials with daunorubicin

From: Nanomedicine review: clinical developments in liposomal applications

Grade 3–5 (%)
Inman (2017)AMLCPX-351681020 9    107 
Cortes et al. (2015)AMLCPX-351543017991556115  
Lancet et al. (2014)AMLCPX-35163.5351515129978   
Gergis et al. (2013)AMLCPX-351           3a
Karspers et al. (2013)AMLDaunoXome® + fludarabine + cytarabine + filgrastim           2.7
Creutzig et al. (2013)AMLLiposomal daunorubicin        3.6 162.1
  1. In the blanks, this type of toxicity is not reported
  2. AML acute myeloid leukemia, LF liposomal formulation, FN febrile neutropenia, B bacteremia, P pneumonia, H hypokalemia, S sepsis, F fatigue, ARF acute renal failure, UTI urinary tract infection, R rash, Ht hypertension, RF respiratory failure, C cardiotoxicity
  3. aGrade 2