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Fig. 8

From: Nanotechnology approaches to addressing HER2-positive breast cancer

Fig. 8

(Reprinted from Enhancement of cancer therapy efficacy by trastuzumab-conjugated and pH-sensitive nanocapsules with the simultaneous encapsulation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, Chih-Sheng Chiang, Shang-Hsiu Hu, Bang-Jie Liao, Yuan-Ching Chang, San-Yuan Chen, Copyright (2014), with permission from Elsevier)

Trastuzumab was conjugated to pH-sensitive double-emulsion nanocapsules (DENCs). This nanocapsule is stabilized by a single-component poly(vinyl alcohol) with magnetic nanoparticles. The design can be used to encapsulate both hydrophilic Dox and hydrophobic PTX at the same time for co-delivery. This nanocapsule is conjugated to Tmab to target HER2-positive breast tumor tissues and is guided to the tumor site via magnetic force, where it can then deliver a dual anticancer drug payload

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