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Table 3 Functionalized graphene oxide-based nanomaterials applied in combined anticancer therapy

From: Recent progress of graphene oxide-based multifunctional nanomaterials for cancer treatment

Type of combined therapies Go-based nanocomposites Type of cancer Ref.
Chemo-PTT NrGO–PEG/PEI Breast Li et al. (2016)
Chemo-PTT PEG–NGO–C225/PEG Gliomas Yang et al. (2013a, b)
Chemo-PTT NrGO–GNS@DOX Breast Wang et al. (2016)
Chemo-PDT rGO–PVP–RGD Gastric Huang et al. (2015)
Chemo-PDT RGO–TiO2 Liver Shang et al. (2017)
PDT–PTT mPEG–GO–C60 Human cervical Li et al. (2017)
PDT–PTT GO–PF127–MB Human cervical Sahu et al. (2013)
PDT–PTT rGO–PEG–Ru Human lung Zhang et al. (2017a, b, c, d, e)
Chemo-PDT–PTT GO/(PEG–PplX)/DOX Breast/human cervical Ting et al. (2018)
Chemo-PDT–PTT LA–UCNPs@SiO2–C/HA@mSiO2–DOX@NB Liver Chen et al. (2017a, b)