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Fig. 4

From: Synthesis of gold nanorods and their performance in the field of cancer cell imaging and photothermal therapy

Fig. 4

Copyright 2016 American Chemical Society. d Fabrication process of actively targeted plasmon RGD-125IPt-PDA@GNRs nanosystem. e In vivo SPECT imaging by different nanoagents at different timepoints as mentioned. f Representative digital photographs of tumor bearing mice after different treatment for 1 day, 12 days, and 21 days. Reprinted with permission from (Zhang L, Su H, Cai J, Cheng D, Ma Y, Zhang J, et al. A Multifunctional Platform for Tumor Angiogenesis-Targeted Chemo-Thermal Therapy Using Polydopamine-Coated Gold Nanorods. ACS Nano. American Chemical Society; 2016 Nov 22;10 (11):10404–17.). Copyright 2016 American Chemical Society

Cancer therapeutic strategy for dual-modal imaging and combined tumor therapy in vivo. a Schematic representation of dual responsive (pH/NIR) drug DOX release and combined chemo/PTT tumor therapy by GNR@IOs-DOX nanocapsule. In vivoT2-weighted MR images (b) and PAI images (c) of 4T1 tumor-bearing mice at various indicated timepoint post-injection of intravenously injected GNR@IOs-DOX. MF stands for magnetic field. Reprinted with permission from (Huang L, Ao L, Hu D, Wang W, Sheng Z, Su W. Magneto-Plasmonic Nanocapsules for Multimodal-Imaging and Magnetically Guided Combination Cancer Therapy. Chem. Mater. American Chemical Society; 2016 Aug 23;28(16):5896–904.).

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