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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the inaugural issue of Cancer Nanotechnology: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research. The main objective of this journal is to provide broad coverage of applications of nanotechnology to oncology. Nanotechnology as applied to cancer research is by nature multi-disciplinary, and relies on research by chemists, biologists, and oncologists. Nanotechnology provides novel tools to manipulate cellular machineries and possess the ability to bring paradigm shift in how cancer is being currently imaged or treated. In order to encourage research in the field of cancer nanotechnology, this journal will disseminate original research articles, reviews, and short research notes on basic research to clinical applications of nanoparticles.

The inaugural issue of Cancer Nanotechnology contains eight research articles and one review. We are extremely thankful to all the authors and reviewers for submitting and reviewing the papers.

We strongly believe the articles published in Cancer Nanotechnogy will offer new research ideas and collaborative initiatives to tackle problems in this field and will eventually develop novel molecules or devices for treating human cancer patients.

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