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Table 12 Toxicity of the clinical trials to amphotericin B

From: Nanomedicine review: clinical developments in liposomal applications

Grade 3–5 (%)
Cornely et al. (2017)IFDAmBisome®       288
Rahman et al. (2017)VLAmBisome® + Mil  23221818 
AmBisome® + Par  0001122 
AmBisome®       23 
Miyao et al. (2016)RFNAmBisome®11.252.5       
Wasunna et al. (2016)aVLAmBisome® + SSG  4b   2  
AmBisome® + Mil  6b   12  
  1. In the blanks, this type of toxicity is not reported
  2. IFD invasive fungal diseases, VL visceral leishmaniasis, RFN refractory febrile neutropenia, Ld liver dysfunction, Hk hypokalemia, C cardiotoxicity, Na nauseas, D diarrhea, AP abdominal pain, V vomiting, P pneumonia, H hypotension, Mil, miltefosine, Par paromycin, SSG sodium stibogluconate, LF liposomal formulation
  3. aNo grade > 3 toxicity was reported
  4. bSinus arrhythmia